What is the difference between pewter and zinc?

A confusion that dates from the second world war

Zinc is a non-food compliant material which takes marks from daily use. In contrast, pewter is a food compliant material which has been used for a long time to make high-class bar tops because of its nice silver color and its cleaning facility which render them suitable to a professional use. The Ateliers Nectoux melt pewter at 210°. This traditional technique enables us to give any desired shape and a multiple variety of edges.

Pewter bar tops which are often called « Les Zincs » must not be mistaken.
This etymology dates from the second world war. Germans removed pewter bar tops (containing lead at the time) to make bombshells. Many have not resisted to the German occupation!! Pewter being translated in German by « Zinn », these famous pewter top bars would then take the popular or slang name of « Zinc ». This name subsists nowadays.

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