What are the advantages of a pewter bar top? how is it taken care of?

A pewter bar top holds many advantages

Pewter is at the same time robust, easy to maintain but also resists to blows.
Our pewter is compliant with current food hygiene standards of the European Union and the USA. It is naturally anti-bacterial and antiseptic.
Being 100% natural, pewter does not oxydise, does not fear alcohol, nor hot liquids. A simple polishing one or twice a month will give it back its original brightness.

How to maintain a bar top?

We recommend you to use our « Chardonneret » soap which enables to clean, maintain, degrease and revive pewter. It is enough to wet the pewter top bar, put some mineral soap on it and gently caress it with your hands. Then, rinse the product with a sponge and wipe « le Chardonneret ». The brightness comes when letting it dry and wiping with a clean cloth or an absorbing paper. You may order our mineral soap by contacting us by email or by phone.

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