What is the decorative element of a top bar?

The bar top edge profile is our signature

The Ateliers Nectoux have been making pewter shine for 90 years thanks to the fabrication of « traditional zincs ». These typically French bar tops, have told the life of our bistros for two centuries. Pewter working is an art craft : a genuine goldsmith work.

Our DNA is coming from the molds that were created between 1870 and the 1950. Thus, for the edge profiles, we pour 210° pewter in vintage steel molds (1870-1930) for the majority and others from contemporary and modern creations.

We propose a great variety of styles with 41 edge profiles (download the edge profile brochure). We may distinguish the traditional style with the large edges (9cm-18.5cm) from the years « 1870-1910 » and the style of the post-war years « 1920-1935 » with smaller edges (6.5cm-8cm).

The new neo-design edges, launched in 2020, propose a more modern « character » with refined lines.
The edge profile is our genuine signature because it is the decorative element of the bar top. It is the essential choice for its final result.

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