How can we personalise each top bar?

the personalisation of each bar top depends of the chosen edge profile and raising


The edge profile

Going through centuries and following fashions, pewter edges are very much looked for.
They bear varied motives giving a whole elegance to the bar, to the furniture, to each table: a bunch of grapes, lozenge, pearls, vegetal friezes…
We propose traditional edge profiles that are classified in two styles: « 1870-1910 » years for the large edges (more than 9cm) and the « 1920-1935 » post-war years for the small edge profiles (less than 9cm).

In 2020, we launched eight new edge profiles with a neo-design style. They have a simpler aesthetic and are more accessible than the traditional edges. They are very successful and reach new customers. Each edge profile quality has remained infallible since 1930.


The personalization of each bar top depends as well from the chosen raising. There are three different raisings:

  • the traditional raising of 15mm in the front
  • the modern raising of 5mm in the front (typical “art déco”)
  • without any raising, very simple and contemporary. It is very convenient when orders are sent so that the trays are not blocked.
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