What is the tailor-made manufacturing process of pewter bar tops?

Entirely hand-made, the Nectoux bar tops are unique.

For over 90 years, the production methods and tools have been the same and constitute an essential part of our know-how.
No training exists for our profession. It is acquired here, in our workshops, with the elders. From the pewter melting to the finishing touches, the techniques are that of Marcel Nectoux, perfected by his son Maurice (manager of the enterprise from 1947 until 1997), then by Thierry. Everything is hand-made, to measure. Each piece is unique!

The specific crafted edge profiles are made in traditional molds, some dating from the XIXth century. Everything starts with a pewter ingot, which will be melted, poured and transformed in edges, espousing 1900 styles, “art deco” or neo design. The Ateliers receive pewter ingots which they melt in a cauldron. They cast the edge profiles and band them according to the shape of each single bar top’s wooden frame.

The shaping and the mounting imply the assembly and the welding of the edge profile with the pewter top on the wooden frame. They are then grated, filed, frizzed in an artisanal and traditional way. We need between 12 and 15 hours of work per meter to achieve a top bar.

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