Fabrication du comptoir en étain dans les Ateliers Nectoux


fabrication à la main de nos comptoirs de bar
The manufacture of a pewter counter
Our pewter counter is following European and US food hygiene standards

We receive tin in ingots that we melt in a boiler. We cast in a mold some tin plates that we form on a wooden frame (plywood 30 mm or 2 × 18 mm).

For the borders, we sink the pewter in vintage steel molds (1870-1930) or we use modern creations.

Plates and borders are then welded together and then grated, filed, curled in a traditional way.

Our references
Technical language of the pewter counter
Interior lift
  1.  Top width
  2.  Border height
  3.  Lift height 5 mm ou 15 mm
  4.  Flat part with inside lift
  5. Wood top 30 mm or 2 × 18 mm thick
  6. Wooden fallout varies depending on border
  7. Flat part without internal lift
Traditional lifting and modern lifting
Relevage traditionnel 15mn
Relevage moderne 5Mn

We offer 3 types of lift for your counter:

    • The traditional style with a lift of 15 mm high with or without inner lift.
    • Modern style with a lift of 5 mm high with or without inner lift.
    • Simple style without lifting (all flat), neither side edge nor inner side.
Les Ateliers Nectoux : entreprise du patrimoine vivant

Les Ateliers Nectoux are labeled “Entreprise du Patrimoine vivant”

The label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) is an official stamp set up to reward companies with craftsmanship and industrial excellence.

How to order a pewter counter?
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Accessories for your pewter counter
To decorate your counter, Atelier Nectoux offers a very wide range of accessories.
Countertop rear columns are used to support glass or solid wood shelves.

Ateliers Nectoux offers 2 types of finish: polished brass or matt nickel:

  • “1900” style solid brass turned (6 M / M thread)
  • “1930” style with solid end caps and hexagonal hollow tube (threaded rod 6 M / M)
Decorative plates
The decorative plates are placed on the fronts of the counters or on the neighboring woodwork.

Decorative plaques style “1930” are solid brass. Alteliers Nectoux offers two types of finish:

  • polished brass
  • matte nickel


Corner plates for glass racks
The glass brackets are used to support the glass or wooden shelves

Ateliers Nectoux offers you 2 types of brackets:

  • 1900s style: cast iron
  • 1930s style: solid brass (finish: polished brass or matte nickel)
Handles are accessories that add to your drawers countertop most often.

Our 1900 or 1930 pewter bar handles give your bar counter a charm of old bistros.

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