Edge Profile N°17 (12 cm)

Bar en étain sur mesure avec feuille de houblon
L 'Absinthe, bordure feuille de houblon

The hop leaves at the centre of our Edge Profile N°17 are reminiscent of the time when the Alsatians arrived massively in Paris after the 1870 defeat to Germany. They brought their taste for beer with them and democratised its consumption in what was mostly a wine consuming area. Beer became an overnight sensation. The frieze at the top of this Edge Profile is similar to our N°01 or N°26 models. The lower band is not too different either.

After a visit of Montmartre, walk to the working-class area of “La Goutte d’Or” to a Bistro with its clientele of regulars: « Au Roi du Café ». This Bistro is for real Parisians, off the tourist areas of the “Sacré Coeur”, and is almost a secret hideaway to discover, a sort of large provincial café. Hence it’s name.

La bordure N°17 AU VIRON
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 33-8 Udagawacho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0042, Japan