Edge Profile N°26 (15,5 cm)

This is the world’s oldest Edge Profile! Its mould was made in 1872, when Brasseries started to mushroom across Paris. At this time, the Parisian soul starts to feed itself from the atmosphere of the numerous Cafés, “Bouillons” (pronounced “boo-jion”; literally vegetable or meat stock), and large popular restaurants.

The wavy and rounded style of this super classic Edge Profile, a harbinger for the “Art Nouveau” era, fits perfectly with typical Parisian “décors”, like “Chez Dudule” in the Montparnasse neighbourhood. There, the usual patrons sip a glass at the bar while a setting of theatre actors and spectators sit around tightly placed tables.

One can enjoy a similar warm atmosphere at « Grappa Matsal & Bar” luxurious setting, a generous cuisine and an exclusive setting make it an iconic address in Stockholm (Sweden) … for cocktails and Italian food! … thereby proving that an ultra-Parisian style can in fact, adapt to many styles.

See this edge profile in action !
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 90 avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris, France
 Rosengade 12, 8000 Aarhus, Danemark