So France in Singapore

SO France is the go-to place for traditional produce of the South West of France in Singapore. Whether it is Caviar d’Aquitaine, duck Foie Gras, or cheese from the Pyrénées … they all taste better when appreciated on one of our pewter counter tops.

From the bistro to the grocery store, to be eaten on the spot or to be taken away, this small piece of France at the heart of Singapore receives clients all through the day with different menus according to the time you go there. Saluting the diversity of the French gastronomy, the bistro menu proposes French great classic complemented by a contemporary touch. It highlights the rich culinary heritage of France through courses adapted to all opportunities. So France proposes authentic products, full of traditional tastes and savors, made by small French producers, all passionate with their trade.

The tricolor know-how is well enhanced thanks to the magnificent Zinc and its edge profile N°14 which symbolizes the beginning of the XXth century bistros of Paris.

Le So France, 7 rue Fraser street duo Galleria, 189356 Singapour