Edge Profile N°19 (9 cm)

mobilier de bar

Created by Maurice Nectoux in the 1950s, our Edge Profile N°19 embodies the fundamental search for modernity, infinity, and the spirit of industrial reconstruction that blew throughout Europe at that time.
Resolutely modern, this Edge Profile puts in perspective the architectural perspectives of its surroundings and allows the bar top to be the central masterpiece of any floor layout.

One can enjoy a comfortable lunch or dinner on the elegant “Comptoir” of « 6 Paul Bert ». The mahogany wood panels, the different shades of green fit perfectly with the sparkle of the Pewter countertop and the cosmopolitan cuisine. This jewel of a restaurant launches young chefs who come from all over the world.

The refined lines of our Edge Profile have inspired many places: from the working-class suburban bistro with an industrial style, to the 9 meter long undulating tables of the “Café Coutume” under the famous 100 year old glass roof, “la Coupole”, of the Galeries Lafayette, to end up in the restaurants of internationally renown star chefs.

Indeed, Alain Ducasse has made our Edge Profile on of his trademarks, be it in several of his restaurants or in his boutique coffee shops « La Manufacture de Café » in Paris and London.

Yves Camdeborde decorates all his Parisian brasseries and restaurants with a Nectoux pewter countertop carrying our Edge Profile N° 19. Yves is one of the founders of the “Bistronomy” new cuisine, and has made the habit of enjoying a meal on a “Comptoir” the cornerstone of the experience of tasting his wonderful cuisine. May he forever be thanked.

Depending on what you are hungry for, try the « Avant Comptoir de la Mer » or the « Avant Comptoir du Marché ». Experience refined and exquisite savors. If the Pyrenees are too far for you, stop on the way in Bordeaux at Julien Camdeborde’s « Avant Comptoir du Palais », and sample tastes from Béarn and Spain. The lines of the Edge Profile N°19 are an open trip invitation.

Discover this edge profile at ``l'Avant Comptoir du Marché`` in Paris
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 14 rue Lobineau, 75006 Paris