Edge Profile N°09 (7 cm)

The Edge Profile N°09 is one of our most ancient and one of our trademarks.

As such, it is often seen in several of the oldest Parisian Bistros, close to our first workshop of 74 rue de Charonne (between 1930 and 1995). « Le Square Trousseau » opened in 1902. At a street corner, in a laborious district, furniture craftsmen became regulars. It has since been renovated many times but keeps its vintage feel. It is welcoming, intimate and convivial. The bar top is an invitation to travel through time. 

« Le Bistrot du Peintre » was inaugurated in 1902 as well. It has been fully refurbished and has changed name many times. Cabinet makers used to represent the majority of the patrons until the mid-1990s when the area changed fundamentally with the opening of the Opéra Bastille which gentrified its surroundings. The bar keeps a central role in the articulation of the place. People still pack around the pewter bar top, just as they used to in days gone by. The polished oak bar base enhances the curves of the Edge Profile. 

Opened in 1954, « Au Sauvignon » is one of the oldest wine bars of the left bank of the Seine river. When they rearranged the place in the mid 1980s, the Vergne family decided to order a Nectoux bar topwith our Edge Profile N°09 and a traditional 15mm raising. « Au Sauvignon » is a must; the unmissable Poilane bread small sandwiches and wines from small producers selected by Emilie. On top of that, her welcoming is always charming and genuinely nice. More than a Bistro, an institution.

Counters N°115N°109 et N°104 were restored with this edge profile N°09.