Edge Profile N°06 (13,5 cm)

Modern Art was severely criticized by many traditionalists because of its apparent illogic curves and shapes. Our edge N°6 with its exotic arabesques dates from the turn of the XXth century.

It also reminds you of the Orientalist movement of the late XIXth century. It nevertheless fits perfectly with modern styles and settings such as à “La Cantine du Troquet” where Christian Etchebest continues the French Revolution of “Bistronomy”: a sparkling table, an inventive cuisine, innovative tastes. One can have a quick meal or take time to enjoy a wine glass at the bar… or just stare at the way our Edge Profile N°06 reflects the light across the room. “La Cantine du Troquet” means impeccable cuisine , conviviality, in Paris just as in Rungis.

At “Café Gertrud“; it reflects the joy and the warmth of the restaurant’s atmosphere. What an incredible place : laughs are only stopped by cheers when people exchange toasts !

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 131 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Australie
 560 Harrison Avenue , Boston, Massachusetts, USA