Edge Profile N°05 (15 cm)

Le Saint Amour, comptoir en étain avec la bordure grappe de raisins

Imagine a typical formerly working-class bar. A bar of unknown history that nevertheless takes you back to the beginning of the last century: mahogany paneling, moleskine wall seats… At this time, this kind of Café was known as a “Bougnat” (contraction between “charbon” (coal) and a native from Auvergne, l’Auvergnat). These coal-cafés associated the sale of coal and the serving of 1 choice menu and drinks. People came to share a round of drinks between neighbors: Paris was a succession of villages back then.

Using a subtle nostalgia, « Le Petit Bougnat » (149 avenue Ledru Rollin, 75011 Paris) not only plunges us into these days gone by, but also invites us to discover a modern wine bar. A warm welcome (yes, it is possible even in Paris!), a charming service, the cuisine is made in heaven by the mother who checks in if everything is up to your taste … you will want to arrive early to enjoy a drink at the bar or stay late after dinner. It’s magically simple and good.

Same atmosphere at the modern and neatly designed “Comptoir des Frangins” where the bar is often crowded, even at the Brunch hour. This Edge Profile N°05 is an open invitation to uncorking a bottle a sharing a nice moment with friends.

When walking back from the famous beaches Palombaggia or Santa Giulia of Porto-Vecchio in Corsica, enjoy a delightful stop at “A Cantina di l’Orriu“. The grapes from our Edge Profile N°05 will invite you to discover marvelous local wines, meat, vegetables, and cheese : one can shop there or simply enjoy a meal.

Counter N°106 was restored with this edge profile.