Edge Profile N°03 (15 cm)

As with the N°25, the Edge Profile N°03 expresses the architectural style transition one noticed at the end of the 1st decade of the XXth century: less and less curves vs. more and more straight lines. It is during those years (1905-1920) that many streets in Paris were reconstructed with 5 story buildings, with a large space left on the ground floor for a neighborhood Bistro. This was especially the case for buildings at the corner of two different streets, in the Faubourg areas.
It is around that time that “Le Drapeau” was opened at the heart of “Le Marais”. Its round shaped “Comptoir” reminds of the times when craftsmen came at dawn to enjoy a cosy moment next to the wood stove, sip a hot coffee with a glass of Cognac or Calvados, or enjoy a mid-morning tartine with “pâté” and wine. Today, the interior of “Le Drapeau” tells also of the different fashions in design and decoration that have followed since the end of WW2.

One can dive no better into such a “melting pot” atmosphere in no other than the very French “Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais” in Tokyo where excellence and finesse of the cuisine is met with cheerful and a warm welcome. Not to mention a sublime wine list.

The comptoir N°112 was restored with this edge profile.