Edge Profile N°02 (14 cm)

« Life in Paris was marvelous. I was working nights on end” – Marc Chagall
This quote from the painter, famous for his wild brush and strident colours, summing up Montmartre as a dream, could well describe the swaying aspect of our Edge Profile N°02. Its mould is contemporary to the “Ecole de Paris”.
Like Marc Chagall, let yourself be enchanted by the atmosphere of Montmartre by choosing a glass of wine from the plethoric list of the warm and friendly “Café Francoeur”. Enjoy it at the bar, where the Edge Profile N°02 is handsomely reflected in the mirrors. A bit further, discover a quieter ambiance at the bright and elegant “Le Chardenoux”, where Chef Cyril Lignac works his magic. The whole place is articulated around the curves of the “comptoir” where the discreetness of the Edge Profile contrasts with the exuberant décor.
If ever in New York, you could enjoy a wonderful moment and a delicious meal on the counter at the new “Pastis”, in the heart of the meatpacking district, close the Whitney Museum. The speedy but nonetheless joyful clientele is packed at the round pewter bar with its Edge Profile N°02 ; the essence of the neo-bistro-chic atmosphere.

Counters N°92 and N°80 were restored with this edge profile.