Edge Profile N°23 (12,5 cm)

The period between the two World Wars was prosperous for the Montparnasse neighborhood; it was the most cosmopolitan and lively district of Paris. Our Edge Profile N°23 dates from this period and we can therefore find it in some of the important cafés and bistros of the boulevards near the train station.

The “Bal Bullier” takes you back to this era when artists, foreign journalists such as Ernest Hemingway mingled with intellectuals. One came there to enjoy a very fine dinner, have lots of fun, Paris was in full party mode! The simple cabochons of the Edge Profile match the regularity of the cornices on the ceilings.

When the party moved on to nearby Saint Germain des Prés, our Edge Profile N°23 naturally came along. It sits beautifully on our Pewter Bar top at the welcoming “Bistrot Landais” where the geometric floor tiles evoke that same era.

More discrete than its contemporary N°07, despite measuring 1.5cm more, our Edge Profile N°23 merges well with futurist architecture and settings such as the ones of several Méridien Hotels in Asia or at the bar of the Château de Maffliers which was built in the XVIIth and XVIIIth century. It has recently been refurbished and now belongs to ACCOR.

Counter N°108 was restored with this border.