Edge Profile N°13 (15 cm)

This Edge Profile is somewhat a false twin sister to the N°03: same height, same era… but its border is merely more neatly designed, and gives it paradoxically a more modern aspect.
You will find it in the Eastern side of Paris at the “Inédit Café“: once a bistro for local artisans and gardeners from nearby Montreuil on their way back from the Halles flea market. This neighborhood has changed a great deal since the time when the streets from Bercy to the Gare de Lyon were the fiefdom for furniture craftsmen. The place is more than pleasant with its unpretentious décor and a masterpiece of a bar cabinet from the 1920s which honors the tradition of hand-made and made-to-measure woodwork of the Faubourg Saint Antoine. Our Zinc sits authoritatively on this luxurious base.
The Edge Profile N°13 fits well with extremely modern styles as well, just like the one skiers can enjoy at “L’Ours Brun“, a cocktail bar, and gourmet restaurant, ideally located on the slopes of Piau-Engaly at the heart of the Pyrenees mountains.
Counter N°94 was restored with this edge profile.

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The N°13 at ``la Brasserie Jean``
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 10 avenue Jean Guiton, 17000 La Rochelle, France