Edge Profile N°07 (11 cm)

Le Café de l'Eglise et son zinc en étain avec la bordure

The “Art Nouveau” or Modern Art era brought a fantastic wave of innovation in European architecture from the end of the XIXth century until 1914. After World War I, the search for geometric simplicity launches the “Art Deco” movement in full force. Despite the Great Depression and the crises of the 1930s, the “Art Deco” symbolizes not only luxury, but freedom of light and grand scales.

Our Edge Profile N°07 is contemporary of this transition period towards this geometric rationalisation of the early 1920s. Its design aims nonetheless to keep round and straight surfaces in order to magnify the ability of pewter to enlighten the space around.

The unparalleled shine of this profile has taken it across the world: from the famous “Balthazar” restaurant in New York, to “Caffè Propaganda” in Rome, to “Sazaby” in Tokyo and “Le Sélect” in Toronto, back to Café “Le Piquet“, at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Discover this edge profile at ``Caffè Propaganda``
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 15 Via Claudia, Rome, Italy