Les Papillles

Le zinc de bistrot

One of our classics… This bar top with a traditional 1900-era 15mm edge profile raising in waves, perfectly suits this bistro. “Les Papilles” is known for its inventive cuisine and wonderful wine list. Enjoy a drink at the bar, feel its texture and relax before sitting at your table… the world is yours. Pewter is timeless.

This comfortable bistro, like this fluffy edge profile bring you back to the great times of “Art Nouveau”, the Edge Profile N°14 symbolises the early XXth century Bistros of Paris. This bistro is an endearing address where one can have dinner between wine racks and shelters garnished with canned food. Discreetly up to date, this facility has known how to conciliate the best of the past with its decoration and its cared cuisine which connects terroir and modernity. This place is the embassy of the French taste. This unusual place draws its charm from the “patine” of the Zinc from years of resting elbows and coasters on its top. It is a very convivial place, just like at a friend’s place, one goes back often and one loves trusting the chef to awaken your taste buds.

Les Papilles, 30 rue Gay Lussac, 75005 PARIS