Le Sarah Bernhardt

The famous actress known as « The Divine » or “the Empress of the theatres”, Sarah Bernhardt was the Parisian star of the late XIXth, early XXth century. This beautiful Brasserie, close to the Theatre district, on the banks of the Seine river, was fully refurbished in 2019 in a style that fully fits the area and revives the atmosphere of this era.

The Laurence Brussel triumphal paintings lighten the walls and celebrate both bar tops, ornated of this Edge Profile N°18 which face each other. They remind us that the French actress of the beginning of the XXth century, celebrated as a “sacred monster” by Cocteau, was one of the first stars to tour around the world.
The painting, behind the superb Zinc, proudly announces that we enter in the Sarah Bernhardt Café. This bar is often photographed and visited by Japanese tourists, Americans, British, all wanting to dive in this Paris with an extraordinary decoration. The charm of the place is showcased by both Zincs which express the roaring twenties of the lost generation.

Le Sarah Bernhardt, 2 place du Chatelet, 75001 Paris