Café Montparnasse

Café Montparnasse is a typical Parisian Brasserie with a bar that brings you back to the early 1920s. We soldered a beer pump from that era around a pillar! This collector item brings an even more unique aspect to the “comptoir” itself.

This nice frieze (Edge Profile N° 25) with its cabochons well characterizes the Bistro spirit.
This café, located close to Montparnasse train station, is a worship place which is punctuated by the different habits of the day: from the 6 o’clock coffee to the discovery of the news in the press, to the first glass of white wine when the Bourguignon or the Blanquette start simmering in the kitchen, then the aperitifs, the noon menus, the dish of the day, the 3pm digestive, the 4pm calm, the coffees, the chocolates at the end of the school day… And it is this long blur area for the ones who by solitude or by taste, postpone the return to their home. The Montparnasse Café is a real convivial place where each one finds oneself somewhat at home.

Le Café Montparnasse, 8 Place du 18 Juin 1940, 75006 Paris, France