La Cantine de la Cigale

“Paris is a moveable feast” said the famous writer. This brasserie located close to Montmartre, next door to a famous concert hall, serves cocktails on its pewter bar top that would make Hemingway proud. This wonderful place with its welcoming atmosphere was completely refurbished in 2019 with a bar top soldered between, and around its pillars.

The Edge Profile N°15 with a Roaring Twenties (1920) look gives this place a pure design. The blend of the turquoise ceramic tiles of the floor and the clear wood of the bar foundation give the layout a very subtle togetherness. The owner has succeeded in rendering a convivial and warm place at every moment of the day: an ideal place to have lunch, dinner, drink and find a bistro, gastro, electro atmosphere for evenings.

You will find small tables, scattered in the room, perfect for two, or big tables to gather groups.