Table Edge Profile N°08 (7cm)

tonneau avec plateau en étain bordure N°08

Pewter tables are the natural extension of a bar top. Pewter is warm, it is soft, it tells stories; it takes knocks, it acquires a patina with age, it is silky, it is convivial. Nowadays, to enjoy French cuisine means more and more tasting it directly on the bar or a close surrogate.

The principle of the Table Edge Profile is that it is the continuity of the Comptoir’s Edge Profile insofar that we take its frieze or cabochons and isolate them to make a smaller profile, more suitable for a table.
We can therefore create tailor made profiles. As an example, the edge of the table N°08 was elaborated at the center of our Profile N°05 (15 cm). This is the soul of the Comptoir and the Bistro, everything is possible. Everything can be made to measure.