Table Edge Profile N°06 (5cm)

Mobilier de cuisine : plateau en étain d'un îlot central
Ilot central de cuisine
Mobilier de cuisine en étain : ilot central
Plateau en étain pour ilot central de votre mobilier de cuisine

Pewter tables are the natural extension of a bar top. At the « Père Claude », in Paris, the favorite restaurant of former French President Jacques Chirac, clients are coming from all over the world to enjoy a drink on the Comptoir before their meal. Some of them book well in advance to make sure they are seated at one of his pewter tables (Edge Profile N° 6; 5 cm).

Pewter is warm, it is soft, it tells stories; it takes knocks, it acquires a patina with age, it is silky, it is convivial. Nowadays, to enjoy French cuisine means more and more tasting it directly on the bar or a close surrogate.

Have a party of eight at « Bistrot d’Édouard » in Bordeaux with the Edge Profile Table N° 06 (5cm).