Edge Profile N°108 (10 cm)

In 2020, for our 90th anniversary and for the first time in 40 years, we inaugurated 8 Edge Profiles in order to offer a new experience to our customers and their patrons.

The sparkle and the warmth of a pewter countertop remain identical. The pure and clear lines, the more industrial and timeless style are drawing a new type of adepts. The quest for comfort and beauty is at the heart of this new collection. The absence of cabochons or frieze does not mean we have turned against any sort of ornament, quite the contrary. Paradoxically, the current decoration trends seem to mix and match styles such as early XXth century American building characteristics or post-modern architecture, with timeless as well as more classical furniture styles.

We also realize that not only the nature of the « Comptoir » has evolved, but also its use and its position at the heart of space organization. For several years now, enjoying a nice French meal has meant to savor it on a “Comptoir”. Today, people share courses on it (“para picar” as the Spanish say). Cocktail bars have evolved as well; drinks are mixed in front of your eyes. Bottles and components are stored at the same level as the one where your glass rests. Our clients have been asking for ever larger bar tops.

As such, we produced the new cocktail bar for the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme with a thick made-to-measure edge. The Profile N° 108 (10 cm) circles the front of the new “PinUpBar” in the heart of Pigalle. Their creative cocktail list matches an original South American menu.